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Higher Studies in Netherlands Amsterdam University

Amsterdam University

The University of Amsterdam is the Netherlands' leading university, offering the broad range of academic programmes. At the university, more than 30,000 students, 6,000 employees and 3,000 PhD candidates study and work in a varied range of fields, connected by a culture of inquisitiveness.

Bachelor's programmes

  • Social Sciences

  • Humanities

  • Business & Management

  • Computer Science & IT

  • Journalism & Media

  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics


Bachelor degrees offered by the University of Amsterdam require 3 years of study.

Subjects learned

  • Economics and Business

  • Arts and Culture

  • Social Sciences

  • Communications and Media

  • Exact Sciences

  • Interdisciplinary

  • Language and Area Studies

  • Interdisciplinary programmes

  • Environment and Biology

  • Health

  • Law and Governance

  • Child Development and Education

Master’s programmes

  • Social Sciences

  • Business & Management

  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics

  • Humanities

  • Arts, Design & Architecture

  • Computer Science & IT

  • Journalism & Media

  • Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences

  • Applied Sciences & Professions

  • Law

  • Education & Training

  • Medicine & Health

  • Engineering & Technology

  • Agriculture & Forestry

  • Hospitality, Leisure & Sports

  • Pre-Master's Programmes

  • Business & Management

  • Social Sciences

  • Computer Science & IT

Subjects learned

  • Business

  • Economics

  • Humanities

  • Informatics

  • Life and Earth Sciences

  • Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Psychology

  • Science

  • Social Sciences

  • Child Development and Education

  • Communication

  • Law

  • Health

Is this you?

The acceptance rate of the University of Amsterdam is 4% for global students, more or less 5000 students. On the other hand, the university has 30000 students every year, which implies an approval rate of 26% - satisfactory rate for a top 100 university.

Located in Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands, the university carries out teaching and research activities on its four different campuses. The key campus is located in central Amsterdam and incorporates the central library and educational buildings of humanities faculty. The university library has over 4 million volumes of books that are employed for education and teaching. The second campus is at Science Park located in east Amsterdam. This campus is home to the top research institutes, a science faculty, a University College, and more than 120 companies.

The academic structure of the University of Amsterdam has been prearranged into seven faculties that present over 200-degree programs. It presents degrees in varied disciplines of arts and humanities, applied sciences, economics, behavioral and social sciences, business, law, medicine, dentistry. Further, it has collaborations with overseas institutions, which aids student and employees exchange programs for enhanced learning.

Career opportunities

A contemporary university with a well-to-do history, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) traces its roots backside to 1632, at what time the Golden Age school Athenaeum Illustre was launched to teach students in trade and philosophy.

In the present day, with more than 6,000 employees and 3,000 PhD researchers, the UvA is one of Amsterdam's biggest employers. The university offers a self-governing, innovative, ground-breaking and global climate characterized by an open ambiance and a real engagement with the city of Amsterdam and civilization.

Teaching and research at the University of Amsterdam are carried out at seven faculties: the Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Science, Medicine and Dentistry, Economics and Business, Law with programmes offered in more or less every field.

Over time, the UvA has risen to global reputation as a research university, gaining a brilliant reputation in both basic and collectively relevant research. The UvA's flourishing doctoral programmes make available a superb foundation for engaging in high-class teaching and research.

Core subjects

The Global Exchange Programme offers more than 100 global study programmes with English-taught courses in humanities, psychology, child development and education, social sciences, economics and business, liberal arts and sciences, and law.

Study load

Becoming a student of the University of Amsterdam in addition to any other Dutch university is to some extent easy, the tough part is staying. A good number of demanded courses such as Law and Medicine are difficult and have more prerequisites such as entrance exams, but everyone is given a chance.

Admission requirements

Admissions at the UvA are competitive with an approval rate of 4.3% for global applicants. On the other hand, for its subjects like Sociology, Computer Science and Information Systems, Psychology, Medicine, the recorded approval rate is 10% in the preceding 5 years.

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is home to over 30000 students from over 10% global students belonging to 100 countries all over the world. UvA offers a wide-ranging array for UG and PG courses all the way through its seven faculties. For academic session 2021-2022, UvA is offering more than 200 programs in Arts and Humanities, Applied Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Behavioral and Social Science, Economics, Business, and Law.

For admission consideration, global students need to possess an IELTS score of 6.5 and 7.0 for UG and PG courses correspondingly. Other tests requisite to study in the Netherlands incorporate Dutch language tests. For postgraduate courses, students must possess a GMAT score of as a minimum 550. The test scores not only facilitate global students add to their chances of admission, but also get hold of UvA scholarships.

Enrolment and selection

Step 1: Nomination - Your home university

  • Your home university is required to have nominated you for switch over to the University of Amsterdam.

  • Your application file will not be evaluated, if the university does not get nomination details from your home university.

Step 2: Fill out the application together with the requisite documents via the online portal

  • All through the application period, you will get an invitation from the UvA for the online application portal.

  • In this portal you can enter all your requisite details, and upload all essential documents.

Step 3: Submit prior to the deadline, and wait for the application result

  • In case, the university authorities have any questions with reference to your application during this time, they will get in touch with you or the switch over coordinator of your home university.

Step 4: Notification of approval

  • The approval letter will be sent directly to the student's email address, something like 4-6 weeks subsequent to the UvA application closing date.

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