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Krea University: Redefining Higher Education in India with Interwoven Learning

Krea University emerges as a beacon of innovation and intellectual evolution in a world of conventional educational paradigms. Nestled in the rich educational landscape of India, Krea University epitomises the principles of interdisciplinary liberal arts and sciences. It's not just another institution; it's an intellectual movement, a tribute to the ideals of the best liberal arts colleges worldwide.

Krea University: The Vision and Founding Principles:

Krea University's inception was guided by a profound vision – to transcend the boundaries of traditional education and usher in a new era of holistic learning. While many institutions in India focus solely on specialisation, Krea stands tall with its liberal arts philosophy. This approach, like the best liberal arts colleges globally, emphasises the importance of a well-rounded education.

Interwoven learning is at the heart of Krea's philosophy, a concept that represents integrating diverse fields of knowledge. Krea University acknowledges this reality and prepares its students accordingly.

One might wonder, why liberal arts? The answer lies in the essence of liberal arts education – it's about cultivating specialists and well-rounded individuals. Krea University understands the world needs professionals who think critically, communicate effectively, and tackle complex, real-world issues. This is the hallmark of the best liberal arts colleges globally, and Krea University is dedicated to carrying this legacy forward.

Best Liberal Colleges: Interwoven Learning in Action:

Krea's commitment to interwoven learning goes beyond theory; it's a living, breathing ethos embedded in every facet of the university. Here, students don't just study subjects; they explore the interconnectedness of knowledge. A literature class might delve into a period's cultural and historical contexts, or a science class may examine the ethical implications of technological advancements.

This multifaceted view is a hallmark of the best liberal arts colleges globally, making Krea's graduates stand out.

Fostering Critical Thinking:

Critical thinking is the lifeblood of a Krea University education. The curriculum is designed not to provide rote answers but to encourage questions. It involves probing the "why" and "how" instead of merely embracing the apparent. Within this supportive setting, students cultivate the art of analysis and curiosity, abilities that hold significant value in today's society.

Equipping Graduates for Real-world Challenges:

Krea University's commitment to interwoven learning and critical thinking equips its graduates with a unique advantage. They aren't just specialists in a single field but adaptable thinkers capable of tackling diverse challenges. This versatility is a trait shared by graduates of the best liberal arts colleges worldwide.

Krea University’s Core Values:

Krea University is guided by core values: ethics, excellence, inclusivity, and accountability. These values shape every decision and action taken within the institution. Inclusivity isn't a checkbox; it's a celebration of diversity. And accountability isn't a formality; it's a commitment to efficient resource utilisation.

The Future of Education:

Krea University isn't just redefining education for India; it's shaping the future of learning. In a rapidly changing world where adaptability and interdisciplinary knowledge are paramount, Krea's approach is visionary. It's a testament to the ideals upheld by the best liberal arts colleges globally.

In a nation known for its reverence for education, Krea University is a vanguard of intellectual evolution. Its commitment to interwoven learning, critical thinking, and ethical values make it a beacon of innovation in higher education. Krea University is not just an institution; it's a philosophy, a promise to nurture individuals who will go on to transform the world. This is the legacy of the best liberal arts colleges worldwide, and Krea University is proud to carry it forward.

Krea University: Academic Programs and Faculty Excellence:

When it comes to higher education, particularly in the realm of liberal arts, Krea University shines brightly as one of India's premier liberal arts colleges. What truly sets Krea University apart is its unwavering dedication to cultivating critical thinking, interdisciplinary learning, and ethical principles, making it an exceptional and cherished academic institution.

Krea University: Diverse Academic Programs;

Krea University offers an expansive array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs that epitomise the essence of liberal arts education. These programs are meticulously crafted to nurture well-rounded individuals who can thrive in our rapidly evolving global landscape.

At the undergraduate level, Krea University opens doors to many majors, granting students the freedom to explore their passions. What distinguishes these majors is their openness to interdisciplinary learning. This means that students aren't confined to narrow academic silos but are encouraged to bridge connections between seemingly unrelated fields. This approach sparks creativity and fosters a holistic comprehension of the world.

Krea University's postgraduate programs mirror this diversity and rigour. They empower students to delve deeper into their chosen fields while emphasising the significance of interdisciplinary thinking. These programs equip graduates with the skills and knowledge to excel in academia, research, or industry.

A Faculty of Eminent Scholars

The true cornerstone of Krea University's distinction lies in its extraordinary faculty. Comprising a harmonious blend of seasoned scholars and emerging trailblazers, the university's faculty embodies teaching, research, and innovation excellence


These educators at Krea University don't merely disseminate knowledge; they serve as mentors, guiding students on their intellectual odysseys. Moreover, the faculty's dedication to research reverberates through their publications, collaborations, and engagement with global academic communities. Their influence extends far beyond the confines of the classroom, rendering Krea University a crucible of intellectual exploration and innovation.

Swarnamalya Ganesh, Assistant Professor of Practice: Swarnamalya Ganesh is a multifaceted artist, scholar, and academician. With over 35 years of experience as a performer, she brings a unique blend of expertise to Krea University.

Swarnamalya's pioneering efforts in reconstructing lost performing traditions have led to notable achievements. Her performance-lecture-exhibition series, "From The Attic," is a testament to her dedication. Collaborating with artists from diverse genres, Swarnamalya reflects the multicultural historicity of dance and music in South India. Her reconstructed repertoires, including Jakkini, Sivalila, Gondhali, and Perani, have garnered widespread appreciation.

Sayantan Datta, Faculty Teaching Associate: Sayantan Datta, a Faculty Teaching Associate at Krea University, brings a unique blend of scientific expertise and communication skills to the table. Trained as a neuroscientist, Sayantan has ventured into science writing, communication, and journalism. Their work critically examines science and scientific practice in India, addressing complex intersections of science, caste, gender, sexuality, and health. Sayantan's interests also explore the relationship between close reading of scientific texts and its potential to generate new scientific questions and insights.

The academic programs and esteemed faculty at Krea University underscore its standing as one of India's foremost liberal arts colleges. Its steadfast commitment to interwoven learning, critical thinking, and ethical principles set an exceptional benchmark for liberal arts education. By affording students a diverse and all-encompassing education, Krea University grooms them to navigate the intricacies of the modern world and create a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

The Krea University Campus and Facilities:

Krea University stands as one of India's best liberal arts colleges, not just because of its academic prowess but also due to its exceptional campus and state-of-the-art facilities. Nestled 70 kilometres north of Chennai in the serene Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, Krea's campus spans 40 acres of greenery. It's more than just a place of learning; it's a vibrant, inclusive ecosystem where students and faculty thrive.

The Living Experience:

Living on the Krea campus is like becoming part of a big, welcoming family. Students from various parts of the country come to study here. They are offered cosy, clean ooms with private spaces to feel at home.

The Recreation Experience:

You can catch a break between classes or engage in casual meet-ups with faculty and peers. Take a short bike ride or join friends in the cultural hub for many recreational experiences.

The Sports Experience:

Krea understands the importance of sports in holistic growth. The campus is thoughtfully designed to promote physical fitness and well-being, providing spaces for various sports activities.

The Dining Experience:

Modern, well-lit, and air-conditioned, Krea's dining hall offers a diverse menu. This dining experience is a cornerstone of the Krea community, fostering unity over delectable meals.

The Library Experience:

The Krea Library enriches the knowledge journey and is equipped with modern facilities and a conducive environment for learning and research.

The Assisted Learning Experience:

Krea's smart campus enhances the learning experience with tech-enabled classrooms and advanced learning tools. It blurs the lines between classrooms and the real world through field-based and outdoor activities.

The Support Experience:

Krea prioritises students' well-being, offering support facilities that encompass mental and physical health. Nature embraces the campus, ensuring a serene environment for personal growth.

The Neighborhood Experience:

Surrounded by serenity, Krea's campus provides opportunities to explore culture, nature, and adventure in the neighbourhood. There's always something exciting happening at Krea.

Upcoming Campus:

An exciting development awaits with Krea's upcoming campus and a contemporary learning facility spread across 200 acres in Sri City. This greenfield project will offer world-class amenities to students, faculty, and staff, taking the Krea experience to new heights.

Interwoven Learning: The Core of Krea University’s Pedagogy:

At the heart of Krea University lies the concept of interwoven learning. This interdisciplinary approach seamlessly integrates into the curriculum, setting Krea apart as one of the best liberal arts colleges.

The Essence of Interwoven Learning:

Interwoven learning isn't just about combining methodologies from different domains; it's a broader consciousness. It empowers learners to navigate our complex world by weaving together diverse knowledge systems, creating a cohesive understanding fabric.

Fostering Creativity and Innovation:

Interwoven learning encourages students to think holistically, exploring connections among disciplines, individuals, communities, and cultures. It teaches students what and how to learn, fostering adaptability, creativity, and innovation.

Preparing for an Evolving World:

Krea's interwoven learning approach touches every facet of education, from the immersive first-year experience to the rigorous final-year capstone thesis. Every major is writing-intensive, interdisciplinary, and research-based. It focuses on ethics, historicity, immersive experiences, data analytics, and the impact of evolving technologies, equipping students for the challenges of our ever-changing world.

Krea University's extraordinary campus and commitment to interwoven learning reinforce its position among the best liberal arts colleges in India. It's a place where students gain knowledge and the skills and mindset needed to make a meaningful impact in our dynamic, interconnected world.

Global Exposure and Collaborations:

Krea University takes immense pride in its connections with renowned international institutions, setting the stage for an incredible global journey for our students. Education goes beyond textbooks; it's about embracing diverse experiences and gaining a broader perspective on the world.

Being recognised as one of the finest liberal arts colleges in India, Krea University has established partnerships that offer our students a plethora of global opportunities. They firmly believe that global exposure is vital in today's interconnected world. It allows the students to step out of their comfort zones, experience different teaching styles, and build lasting friendships with people from all walks of life.

The collaborations let the students engage in cross-cultural conversations, learn from various professors, and create memories with peers worldwide. These experiences broaden their horizons, encouraging open-mindedness and a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity.

Furthermore, international partnerships create avenues for research collaborations, joint projects, and shared resources. Krea's commitment to interwoven learning extends beyond its campus, as students and faculty actively participate in global academic discourse and knowledge exchange.

Krea University's global exposure initiatives and collaborations are a testament to its dedication to providing a well-rounded education. By embracing diversity and encouraging cultural exchange, Krea ensures that its students are academically prepared and culturally enriched, ready to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape.

Research and Innovation at Krea University

At Krea University, research and innovation are not just buzzwords but integral to our mission. We are not content with offering a top-tier liberal arts education; the university wants to contribute meaningfully to society by addressing pressing challenges and fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among our students.

Research Initiatives:

Krea University is not confined to the classroom. Learning extends beyond academic walls. The faculty and students actively engage in research projects tackling real-world problems. These initiatives span various disciplines within the liberal arts and beyond.

The University has undertaken research projects that address critical societal issues. From climate change in coastal areas to the impact of rising temperatures on organisms' life history strategies, the researchers are dedicated to finding innovative solutions. Interweaving different fields of knowledge aims to gain a holistic understanding of these challenges.

Culture of Innovation:

Innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum; it thrives in an environment encouraging experimentation and creativity. Krea University provides the perfect ecosystem for innovation to flourish.

The students are not passive learners but active participants in shaping their education. The institute encourages them to question, explore, and experiment. Through various hands-on experiences and immersive projects, the spirit of inquiry and problem-solving is instilled in them.

We also recognise that entrepreneurship is a powerful force for change. The students are not just job seekers but future leaders and innovators. Krea University offers resources and support to help them turn their ideas into reality, whether launching a social enterprise or a tech startup.

Admissions and Application Process at Krea University

Eligibility Check

● You should be in Grade XII or equivalent.

● You should be under 21 years old by August 1, 2023.

● There are no restrictions on the Board of study; applicants from various boards, including ISC, CBSE, State Boards, IB, Cambridge International A levels, and other International Examination Boards, are welcome.

● Specific credit requirements apply for International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge International A levels.

Online Application

This form covers various aspects of your background, including your personal experiences, personal details, academic performance from grades 9 to 12, as well as your involvement in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Importantly, remember that there is no specific minimum score or prerequisite related to your extracurricular accomplishments.

Online Assessment

Students who submit complete applications will take the Krea Aptitude Test. This 75-minute test assesses logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, verbal ability, critical analysis, and essay writing skills. It helps Krea understand your ability to organise thoughts and articulate ideas.

Krea Immersive Case Analysis and Personal Interaction

If you pass the online assessment, you'll move to the next stage, which involves the Krea Immersive Case Analysis and Personal Interaction. The case discussions happen within a group of fellow candidates and panellists. Personal interactions are held individually with a panel of faculty members.

Krea University values diversity and inclusivity, using multiple techniques to assess applicants' fit with the institution.

Admission Decisions

For all students, a minimum requirement is passing the XIIth Board exams or equivalent, as per UGC norms for undergraduate education.

Confirmed Offer of Admission: Applicants meeting selection benchmarks and having actual XIIth Board scores may receive confirmed admission offers.

Denial of Admission: Applicants not meeting eligibility criteria or selection benchmarks will not proceed.

Deferral: Applicants with incomplete documents may have their application reviewed later.

Waitlist: Applicants falling short of the selection benchmark may be waitlisted and reviewed later.

Fee Structure

The application fee costs INR 100, and this is a one-time non-refundable payment.

Tuition fee: INR 815,000 per annum

Living expenses: INR 1,80,000 annually (also subject to annual revision).

Admissions fee: INR 35,000 (payable upon accepting the offer).

One-time refundable deposit: INR 50,000 (payable as Instalment 3 of Trimester 1).

Krea University: Scholarships and Financial Aid

Financial Assistance for All

The Office of Financial Assistance operates independently from the Office of Admissions, ensuring their financial information remains confidential. They acknowledge that the income status of parents or legal guardians is a crucial factor, but they also consider other assessment parameters. This holistic approach helps us tailor financial assistance to specific needs.

Eligibility and Application Process

Financial assistance is available to those shortlisted for Krea Immersive Case (KIC) Day. Once shortlisted, they can access the financial assistance form on the application portal. This form requires details about their income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and tax returns for the past three years. If applicable, include financial statements for family-owned businesses, NSDL statements of subscribed financial assets, CIBIL reports for loans and other relevant documents. Supporting documents can be submitted on KIC Day.

Transparent Decision Process:

After you've submitted your financial assistance application, our team reviews it meticulously. In cases where the provided information is insufficient, the institute may request additional details or even conduct interviews and home visits to ensure fair and accurate assessments.

Educational Loans

They've partnered with several banks and financial institutions to support your child's education, including ICICI Bank, HDFC Credila Financial Services Limited, IDFC First Bank, and WeMakeScholars. WeMakeScholars, backed by the Indian Ministry of IT, offers unbiased education loan support, connecting students with 10+ banks and NBFCs in India. With competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options, these loans can cover 100% of your total expenses, including course fees and living costs.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Krea University believes in recognising and rewarding academic excellence. We offer merit-based academic scholarships for our Krea School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences (SIAS) program each year. These scholarships range from full tuition waivers to 20 per cent tuition waivers. Shortlisted candidates will be informed of their eligibility after each admission round, with formal offers extended after Round 4.

Krea University has committed to provide accessible education, which is at the heart of its scholarship and financial aid programs. They believe that every deserving student should have the opportunity to experience the best liberal arts education at Krea University.


In a landscape where higher education is often synonymous with rigid structures and limited perspectives, Krea University emerges as a beacon of change. Its innovative approach to education, rooted in interwoven learning, transcends traditional boundaries and fosters a new generation of thinkers, doers, and leaders.

Krea's commitment to liberal arts education and a diverse and distinguished faculty create an environment where intellectual curiosity thrives. Here, students are not confined to narrow silos of knowledge but are encouraged to explore the intersections of various disciplines, unlocking a world of possibilities.

As Krea University redefines higher education in India, it doesn't just impart knowledge; it cultivates critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability. It prepares students for their chosen careers and a rapidly changing world where interdisciplinary solutions are the keys to success. In doing so, Krea University transforms the educational landscape and empowers individuals to become catalysts for positive change in society.


Is it difficult to get into Krea University?

Krea University's commitment to academic excellence shines through in its first class of 2022, consisting of 113 students carefully selected from a substantial applicant pool exceeding 1200 individuals. This rigorous selection process yielded an acceptance rate of 9.4%, reflecting the university's dedication to admitting the most promising and passionate students. As Krea University continues to grow and thrive, it is anticipated that this acceptance rate will become even more competitive in the years ahead, emphasising the institution's pursuit of the best and brightest minds to join its academic community.

What is Krea University famous for?

Nestled in the serene surroundings of Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, Krea University is a philanthropic endeavour brought to life by Kapil Viswanathan. With an academic journey spanning Harvard and Stanford, Kapil envisioned a liberal institution, supported by IFMR, that places interwoven learning at its core.

Why should I choose Krea University?

Krea University boasts distinguished faculty from prestigious institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, IIT, and Columbia. Learning alongside these brilliant minds allows students to explore the outer limits of knowledge.

How many students are at the Krea?

The Krea community continues to grow, with 177 students in the 2020-2022 cohort and 186 in the 2021-2023 cohort, demonstrating the university's expanding influence in shaping the future of education in India.

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