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Liberal Arts Education at HAN University Netherlands

HAN University

HAN University of Applied Sciences is situated between two new campuses in the cities of Nijmegen and Arnhem (The Netherlands). It is one of the best ever growing universities of applied sciences in the countryside: with over 31,000 students, 3,000 team members and 3,000 global students.

The HAN University of Applied Sciences proffers students high quality education laid down in an exciting, entrepreneurial and ground-breaking environment intended to meet individual needs and encourage varied skills and education styles.

HAN University of Applied Sciences offers over 84 Bachelors/Masters Programs (full-time, part-time, online, independently or in amalgamation through a multiplicity of programs. Besides, students have the prospect to study overseas for a semester, or to opt for an internship period overseas. This helps to encourage a really global learning environment.

HAN University of Applied Sciences is home to a huge number of global students and the HAN International Offices are the vital information points for all global students. The International Offices are situated on-campus at Arnhem and Nijmegen and can make available advice and support on all kinds of issues relating to global students.

Program intro

  • Bachelor in International Business (4 years/Arnhem)

  • Bachelor in Automotive Engineering (4 years/Arnhem)

  • Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (4 years/Arnhem)

  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (4 years/Arnhem)

  • Bachelor in Communication (4 years/Arnhem)

  • Bachelor in Life Sciences (4 years/Nijmegen)

  • Master Engineering Systems: Control Systems Engineering (Arnhem)

  • Master Engineering Systems: Lean Engineering (Arnhem)

  • Master Engineering Systems: Sustainable Energy (Arnhem)

  • Master Engineering Systems: Automotive Systems (Arnhem)

  • Master Engineering Systems: Embedded Systems (Arnhem)

  • Master in Molecular Life Sciences (Nijmegen)


  • Master of Engineering Systems, Control Systems track

  • Master of Engineering Systems, Lean Engineering track

  • Master of Engineering Systems, Embedded Systems track

  • Master of Engineering Systems, Sustainable Energy track

You can get a job as?

With master degree, you can work at globally operating companies and industries. The border area (Netherlands- Germany) offers brilliant job opportunities for engineers. What’s more, you have the skills to deal with projects and perform applied research.

  • Automotive Engineer: You can be mixed up in all stages of the engineering process, from research in the course of to marketplace demand, design and expansion, manufacture, and the assessment of motor vehicle systems and components.

  • Control Systems Engineer: You will have innumerable job opportunities in the technological branches of industry. You will also be eligible to work outside the technological sector: your know-how will be greeted in higher education, research institutes and expansion groups in different business organisations.

  • Embedded Systems Engineer: You will develop ground-breaking electronic products by means of microcontrollers and you are mixed up in the design, expansion, manufacture and assessment of all sorts of sharp systems and smart devices.

  • Lean Engineer: You will work in a multiplicity of functions, technological as well as administrative.

Program overview

HAN University was established in 1996 through the amalgamation of a number of institutions in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region. It is a research-oriented organization that offers high-quality realistic education in several different disciplines.

HAN University boasts two campuses - Arnhem and Nijmegen. Both the campuses offer unparalleled facilities such as huge study centres, a number of multimedia centres, contemporary lecture halls, technical laboratories, IT facilities, and plentiful social spaces

HAN University offers master’s and bachelor’s programs in various fields- IT, education, social studies, sports and exercise, business administration, communication, health, commerce, law, engineering, economics, and applied sciences. HAN has established scores of partnerships with institutions across the world. These partnerships tender students’ opportunities to study overseas. They also make available teaching staff with opportunities for teacher exchanges and participation in global ventures.

The university presents students with brilliant employment opportunities and aids them initiate their careers. Lots of HAN University alumni are at present working at top positions in high-status firms and companies all over the world.

Admission requirements

Bachelor’s Course

HAN offers Bachelor’s courses in the areas of Automotive Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Life Sciences, Business and Management: Communication, Finance and Control, Logistics Management (Economics), and International Business and Management Studies.

Admission criteria:

  • Certificate of secondary education that is at a similar level to Dutch secondary education.

  • Evidence of English language proficiency: e.g. TOEFL/IELTS/ Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE).

  • Satisfactory grades in certain subjects.

Master’s Course

HAN offers Master’s courses on the arras of Automotive Systems, Control Systems Engineering, and Molecular Life Sciences.

Admission criteria:

  • Relevant Bachelors degree.

  • Evidence of English language proficiency: e.g. TOEFL/IELTS/ Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE).

Why Study at HAN?

HAN University is a prominent place where you can increase your horizons, be a part global community. It's not only to study and gain realistic knowledge but to make associates and open up for amazing revolutionary careers opportunities.


HAN University is a research-oriented organization that offers first-class practical education in an array of disciplines. All the university's courses hold the official recognition of the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders and the Dutch Ministry of Education.


  • HAN University has an organization in place for employees and student involvement and representation in decision-making.

  • A central participation council is an associate of the Intercity Student Consultation and the Dutch Association of Participation Councils for Universities of Applied Sciences.

  • Fourteen school councils and one Services Department council get support from the Student Consultation on Participation.

  • The degree committee deals with the functioning policy of a degree program and supports the program director in this.

  • The class representatives form the foundation for the participation organization.

  • HAN University offers bachelor, master and post-graduate programs and courses for professional in various fields - economics, management, IT and communications, education, health, and technology.

  • Bachelor programs: Business, Management and Law, Engineering and Life Sciences, Information Technology, Media and Communication, Health, Education and Training, Sports and Exercise, Behaviour and Social Studies.

  • Master programs: Business, Management and Law, Engineering and Life Sciences, Information Technology, Media and Communication, and Health

  • HAN supports companies and institutions with modernism all the way through its research groups in various fields. They carry out research on issues from professional practice and they build up realistic solutions together with the work field.

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