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Pursuing Higher education in Holland

Hague University of Applied Sciences


The Holland comes at the top position for the most excellent place to live for expat families (2018). It's in actual fact no surprise in a countryside with a great financial system, good childcare, best healthcare, amazing education system, excellent English and a life rotating more or less amid biking.

The Holland may be a small nation state, but it's packed with world renowned icons. Find out the bulb fields, cheese marketplaces, wood shoes, canals of Amsterdam, Old Masters masterpieces, ground-breaking water-organization, and Delft Blue earthenware. and millions of bicycles.


The Hague" conjures up innumerable and time and again mysterious images for individuals. Some envision global judges in long robes, presiding over grave criminal trials. Others recall old-fashioned Dutch streets, overwhelmed by Vermeer-like skies.


The Hague University of Applied Sciences wants to offer all the way through practice oriented research. Besides making available the best education, this is the university’s second most significant core task. Research makes education, civilization and the specialized world stronger and more ground-breaking.


The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) has exchange contracts with a huge number of ERASMUS + associates and non-Erasmus+ associates across the world. An exchange at THUAS is a beyond doubt global experience. The university welcomes over 500 exchange students of more or less 50 nationalities every educational year.

The exchange students gain a rich educational experience as a result of working next to the large number of Dutch and global full-time students on bachelor degree programmes (English-language). The high-quality programmes persuade students to look at each other’s cultures to develop into unbiased and self-governing thinkers – qualities which are vital in the existing labor marketplace.


European Studies

This course mixes business, politics, languages and expertise in the company of an exchange and an internship. This sets ups for jobs running, symbolizing and advising European organizations in both the open and private sector, or for bringing them as one for multi-stakeholder collaboration, or for a global master’s degree. (Full-time 3 year).

Industrial Design Engineering

Industrial design engineering is a fast changing field of knowledge - customers are turning into ‘prosumers’, products are built up in an ‘open source’ and global context with ground-breaking production technologies. Co-creation and open modernization denote that innovative concepts are having an optimistic impact on society, businesses and the surroundings. (Full-time 3 year).

International Communication Management

An international communication manager works in a worldwide setting with colleagues, customers and competitors from manifold traditions and languages. Communication professionals design and form the communications of lots of business organizations. (Full-time 3 year).

International and European Law

The Hague is the overall hub of International law. No wonder that the International & European Law programme is competent to train a few of Europe’s most would-be legal experts, who at this time work at International Tribunals, key law firms and human rights groups. (Type Full-time).

International Financial Management and Control

Financial managers perform more than critical situation numbers. They value cash flow and can think up a financial game plan. But they also recognize how to mix together social and sustainable initiatives into economic strategies. The intellectual pre-masters minor is incorporated into the curriculum. (Full-time 3 year).

International Public Management

Help work out the European immigrant crisis, or work out an evacuation plan later than flash flooding in Greece. Global lawmaking issues are at the very core of International Public Management. Experience how there’s more to public organization than the system of government. (Full-time 3 year).

International Sport Management

This programme develops the global sport managers of the future. This programme “Fast-Tracks” your exhilarating career in global sport management. In just 3 years you can be the vital ‘interface’ amid sport and trade. (Full-time 3 year).

Process and Food Technology

Process & Food Technology engineers hold transparent, resourceful and sustainable methods to manufacture consumer goods. This could be developing ground-breaking products or improving on hand manufacture processes at small companies and big multinationals. (Full-time 3 year).

Safety and Security Management Studies

How do you make safe a citizen’s safety with violence lurking just about every corner? Or work out safety protocols for a business? The full-time Bachelor Safety and Security Management Studies will make you an expert who can examine any worldwide security issue. (Full-time 3 year).

User Experience Design

At the same time as a User Experience Design (UXD) student you will have the opening to design your practical, ingenious ideas. To turn up with interactive concepts that get better user experiences. For you user experience is at beginning of every design development. (Full-time 3 year).


Master of Business Administration

Gets a great boost with a MBA degree! MBA is greatly focused on proficient practice and sharing top practices with knowledgeable lecturers from the field and university circles. MBA pays a lot of awareness to your individual leadership growth and specialized skills. (Full-time 1 year).

Master Financial Management and Control

Become familiar with latest research methods in business control by way of this data-driven master. You can work as a manager on the basis of data-driven business control. You can become familiar with latest research methods in business control. (Full-time 1 year).

Master International Communication Management

Accomplish a recognized master of arts (MA) within one year. You can develop a managerial frame of mind and work in the area of communication. You will practice the exclusive skill of cross-cultural communication when it comes down to it. (Full-time 1 year).

The Hague Summer School 2022

The Hague Summer School is a forward-looking 2/ 4 week course (modules – based) that runs in the July month on a yearly basis. The course is made up of optional modules that consider connecting the private and communal sector all the way through the eyes of engineers, security professionals and business entrepreneurs.

The 2 week summer course consists of a wide-ranging module and an elective module of your preference. The 4 week summer course consists of two wide-ranging modules and two elective modules. Each elective includes as a minimum three visits to global organizations in and around The Hague.

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