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Pursuing Liberal Arts Education in Netherlands

Erasmus University - Liberal Arts

About Erasmus University

A unique organization based on the model of a "multicultural classroom", Erasmus University Rotterdam brings together high-quality education with an educational global perspective. Global rankings name Erasmus University amongst the world’s top players, and students recommend the organization for the excellence of the lectures, know-how of the staff and opportunities in preparation for a winning career.

Situated in the Netherlands in the city of Rotterdam, Erasmus University is recognized for its global state of mind, offering the probability to join a really global environment. The university boasts more than has 5,000 global students, comprising just below 20% of the intact student body. In addition, 40-60% of students enrolled in English-educated programs draw closer from outside the Netherlands.

Erasmus University's key campus was intended to offer students the whole thing they need in a place where they feel in safe hands. In addition to outstanding study areas and a contemporary library, students can also gobble at the Food Court or get lively in the sports center. The campus is also boasts a grocery store, bike shop, hair salon, and scores of other facilities - it's similar to a mini city!


The programmes offered by Erasmus University tender an exciting combination of flexibility and organization: flexibility to look at diverse educational fields, with organization to make sure that the knowledge you gain is precise and helpful for further studies and professions. You study 3 years at Erasmus University College so as to graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences. All through those 3years you will take both compulsory Academic Core (ACC) courses to furnish you a solid basis in acquaintance and skills over and above declare a Major and (optionally) a Minor, at the same time as still keeping a lot of option on hand to yourself.


The Netherlands’ Erasmus University Rotterdam presents 13 global bachelor’s programmes and 30 Dutch programmes taking account of:

  • International business

  • Economics and econometrics

  • Arts and culture

  • Communication and media

  • History

  • Psychology

  • Liberal arts and sciences

  • Philosophy

  • Management of social challenges

Bachelor's Programmes

Social Sciences

  • B.A. Arts and Culture Studies

  • B.Sc. Communication and Media

  • B.Sc. Econometrics and Economics

  • B.Sc. Econometrics and Operations Research

Econometrics and Philosophy of Econometrics

  • B.Sc. Economics and Business Economics

  • B.Sc. Management of International Social Challenges

  • B.Sc. Psychology

Business & Management

  • B.Sc. Economics and Business Economics

  • B.Sc. International Business Administration

  • B.Sc. Management of International Social Challenges


  • Bachelor Arts and Sciences

  • Bachelor History

Arts, Design & Architecture

  • B.A. Arts and Culture Studies

Journalism & Media

  • B.Sc. Communication and Media

Medicine & Health

  • B.Sc. Psychology

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

  • Bachelor Arts and Sciences

Extracurricular Activities

At EUC, all-rounded development is given more importance, both in the classroom as well as all the way through extracurricular experiences. The Engaged Citizens Programme (ECP) is an interdisciplinary plan for interested students who enjoy, and think about it important, to take on as a group with public issues. The ECP offers units on top of documentary making, case script, and individual development. Participating students develop the programme as a result of initiating and managing events, seminars and other activities.

Living in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the cool city in the Netherlands, seeing that it's filed to the top with contemporary and funky structural design and without doubt is only one of its kinds in contrast to the rest of the country. There's abundant to do and perceive and if you're passionate to food like us, then you're going to adore living and shifting to Rotterdam.

Rotterdam is one of the secure cities in Europe but for the reason that it is a big city you should be wary with your possessions in case of some small crimes. By and large, it is very safe and sound for lonesome travelers, women, kids and anybody who feels like to visit the city.

After EUC

After EUC, students in the hunt for a trainee in Flanders or overseas as part of their studies: to potentially get study credits for the training is if recommended to make contact with your higher education institution straightforwardly.

A trainee out of the country offers added value in manifold areas, much similar to a global study exchange. Make a list of what you look forward to from the trainee, together with individual and professional growth and intercultural experiences.

Application & Admission

Erasmus University Rotterdam is a high-status global research university located in the lively city of Rotterdam with something like 5000 global students enrolled every year. Erasmus University’s UG and PG courses are tendered by its prominent faculties in public administration, history, business, law, economics, sociology, arts, philosophy, medicine and health.

  • The academic session begins in the autumn.

  • Global students planning to take admission need to apply from January 15 2022 for the next educational year.

  • ACT score of 27 or SAT score of 1170 are good enough as a replacement for IELTS.

  • 3 years of work experience and Kira Video Response is a vital part of the admission procedure for MBA.

  • The yearly tuition fee for an MBA course in EUR is near about 63,500 EURO.

  • Global students also can take part in work-study programs over and above their academics.

Tuition Fees, Scholarship

Cost general idea: 2022-2023

Tuition fee

  • € 3.695 a reduced fee first-year students

  • € 4.800 for second- and third-year students


For students outside of the European Economic Area, the university offers a number of scholarships on hand:

  • Erasmus University Holland Scholarship and Erasmus School of Economics

  • L-EARN for Impact Scholarship and Erasmus School of Economics

  • Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP)

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