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Studying Liberal Arts in Netherlands HU University

HU University

About the University

University of Applied Sciences Utrecht was established in 1995 after an amalgamation of several self-governing institutions. HU offers more than 100 programmes, a number of them taught completely in English. The university boasts more than 35,000 students indicative of about 100 nationalities. There are over 1,100 global students at present studying at HU.

HU is the 4th major university in the Netherlands. All the way through its practice-based research, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht have a say to solutions for a broad range of societal issues – at the local, national and global level.

Facts and figures

By way of high-quality education and research, HU aims to have a say to the modernization and professionalization of skilled practice and talent growth, adding to the communal, cultural and financial growth towards an open sustainable civilization.

HU makes available education for inquisitive minds of all ages, offering an all-inclusive range of first-class bachelor and master programmes/courses. These are all the time adapted to reflect demands from the specialized world; as a result, all of the education programmes remain significant and up to date.

Did you know?

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht makes available education for students and professionals (17-67 aged individuals). At present, around 35,000 students, in more than 22 locations in Utrecht, attend all the programmes:

The city of Utrecht (and its namesake territory) is situated in centre of the Netherlands, making it great for exploring the countryside.

  • Utrecht Central Station is the railway hub of the countryside, with recurrent links to Amsterdam and Schiphol International Airport.

  • Indeed, Utrecht is the blissful place in the world

  • More than 80% of Utrecht’s inhabitants are trilingual

  • More than 80% of the locals move around the town by bicycle/foot

Points on why you should study at HU

HU transform people's lives through learning, in addition to broader impact of their research. The university facilitates students to build up the skills and knowledge employers call for. University research benefits one and all – building businesses and jobs, enriching civilization and stimulating customs.

Points to be noted for International students

HU is the oldest university. One great attraction of HU is the striking and enduring architecture of its getting on campus buildings which are situated in a historic area. The university has many prominent alumni. It is acknowledged as one of Europe’s revolutionary higher education institutions. HU witnesses a closer association between research and education - a model that is still followed in higher education institutions all over the world in the present day.

What is applied sciences

Applied science is a course that is employed to apply existing scientific awareness to develop more convenient applications, for instance: knowledge or inventions. In natural science, basic science (or pure science) is employed to build up information to describe phenomena in the natural world.

Student life at HU

HU knows you wish for a good uni-life balance, and Utrecht will look after that! Its dynamic, cosmopolitan student scene makes available lots of opportunities to improve your time here. Very much geared in the direction of young individuals, Utrecht offers great shopping and a diverse range of cinemas, and music venues. The old city is raging with pubs, clubs and reasonably priced restaurants. One of the best things of Utrecht is the dynamic buzz of its canals. At the same time as boats and canoes pass by, you can boast a beer or endeavour a Dutch meatball in one of the restaurants at the docklands.

Why study in Netherlands - fun and interesting things about Netherlands

With the country's well-known standard of education and moderately low cost of living, studying in the Netherlands will furnish you true worth for money. In addition, a lot of Dutch universities offer grants and scholarships that can cut or completely cover the teaching fees of study programs.

The Netherlands (or Holland) may be a small countryside, but it's packed with world renowned icons. Dutch universities are acknowledged to be among the top universities in the world, competing with other well-known UK and U.S. universities. You could say Netherlands is one of the best non-English speaking countries where you can study overseas, get excellent education and find lots of degrees taught in English language.

About Utrecht - Did you know - Utrecht Science Park

There's all the time ample going on at Utrecht Science Park. The campus is a small city of sorts, where individuals work, learn, live, rebuild or get care. Utrecht Science Park is the major science park in the Netherlands, and rivals the TU Eindhoven Science Park in terms of the maximum proportionate growth in terms of job opportunities. Utrecht Science Park is the only science park in the Netherlands with its own carnival and long-winded event. A charming environment with prosperity of features and activities.

Bachelor International Business

In the courses you will follow, there is a strong focus on top of sustainable business (aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals), building vital digital business skills and private enterprise knowledge. There is a ground-breaking approach to education: all of the projects remind you of real-life business situations.

You will be surrounded by scholars and lecturers from across the world, and encompass two work placements - one of which is overseas - subsequently you will have a really global experience. You will adore living and learning in Utrecht, the most lively student city in the Netherlands!

Bachelor Creative Business

State of the art degree programme Creative Business (CB) organizes you for a career in the international creative business, in both recognized and up-and-coming marketplaces. It focuses on top of the most recent developments in global marketing, media and business modernization. You work with a global group of students and tutors on international projects; for instance bringing an American product or brand name to the European marketplace, or introducing a European originality to the Middle East.


The Teacher Education in English programme (HU University) of Applied Sciences Utrecht is especially for you. The university prepares you for a profession teaching English as a second language in the subordinate years of Dutch secondary education, or at occupational or foreign language schools.


This master programme organizes you to instruct English language and creative writing to the higher classes of Dutch higher secondary and tertiary education. Rather than spending by a long way of time in-class, you will be spending the majority of your time in front of it, teaching teens and youthful adults at the school where you do job. The amalgamation of one day a week at HU and the remaining of the week in fact teaching makes for a perfect combination.

MA data driven design - Summarize points in red

Our full-time Master’s programme Data-driven Design is for those who want to understand, design and reconfigure data concepts for our continuously changing society. It is the programme for those who want to learn how this data-driven world works, how to distinguish themselves in this fast-paced environment and how to shape the future translating society's needs into concepts of tomorrow.

MSc in next level engineering

The Next Level Engineering programme is demanding, with a study load of as a minimum 40 hours per week. You'll work in groups, with a lot of communication with your associate students and the teaching personnel. The programme is alienated into four ten-week blocks. All through each block you'll pursue two courses, work (jointly) on top of applied research and study in your education team.

Short Programs

Short Courses at HU include:

  • Agriculture & Forestry

  • Arts, Design & Architecture

  • Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences

Summer school

HU takes part in the major summer school in Europe with more than 3,500 students from all across the world.

Utrecht Summer School is organized mutually by HU, Utrecht University and Utrecht University and HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. Utrecht Summer School is the major Summer School in Europe. The summer is the time to realize Utrecht and the Netherlands with associate participants from more than 125 countries. Lying on the high-quality courses, furnished housing and social activities are made available.

HU proffers summer programs in the areas of Law, Economics & Business, Social Science, and Life Sciences. The programs last from 1- 6 weeks and are held through the months of July/ August.


Students make up a substantial part of Utrecht's population. This adds to the city's demand, but it also denotes that finding a place to live can be an actual challenge. And at the same time HU don’t tender housing ourselves, they have a contract with SSH Short Stay, a local housing firm that rents out provisional furnished housing to all global students.

  • Students living in student housing by and large encompass a bedroom to themselves, they contribute to a kitchen and bathroom.

  • Your SSH Short Stay accommodation is handily situated and comes completely furnished and supplied with maintenance and cooking utensils.

  • Rental fees are amid € 375- € 655/month and take account of utilities (water, heating, internet, power).

How to apply

Below, you come across the steps you should to take to apply. Even though the steps are numbered for your handiness, they are not inevitably linear, so be sure to read from end to end all of them earlier than you switch on the application process.

  • Apply online

  • Participate the Programme Selection Check

  • Upload your documents(application)

  • Organize payment of your tuition fees

  • Arrange your language test (if pertinent)

  • Apply for your visa or residence permit if pertinent

  • Apply for a scholarship

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